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Web3nom — The key: reviews and instructions for working with the project

Web3nom The key is a financial project of a new generation, with the possibility of big earnings. The platform has its own Sour token with the possibility of a steak.

Web3nom The Key - реальные отзывы и обзор инвест проекта

The team consists of 13 people, each of whom performs a specific function. The project is being worked on from public relations specialists to experts in the field of financial markets.

The coolest networkers and investors from all over the world took up the promotion of the project. Some work in real sectors of the economy.

Basic data

  • The official website of the project and login to your personal account: Web3nom
  • Variety: International
  • Start date: October 29, 2022 (now free work September 2022)
  • Languages: Russian, English, German, Spanish, Indian and Chinese
  • Profitability: up to 12% per month + earnings on the Sour course
  • Deposit term: stacking 3-24 months
  • Minimum deposit/withdrawal amount: 100USDT
  • Withdrawal of funds: Automatic
  • Payment systems: USDT and BNB are required in Metamask
  • Affiliate program: 1 level 10% of deposits + ranks up to 15 levels
  • Bonuses for the structure: There are
  • Refback: On request
  • Our contribution: $251

Web3nom Marketing

Earning is possible on staking USDT and SOUR, as well as keeping SOUR tokens on the balance. The best option for investment is buying SOUR with stacking.

At the time of the review on 09/20/2022, the rate of 1 SOUR = 0.13$

The SOUR token rate is constantly growing. A week ago, the cost was $0.10

There are 22 USDT and SOUR investment packages available, priced from $100 to $1.000.001. Each of which can be opened an unlimited number of times:

SOUR token в проекте The Key

After buying the package, you can send all or part of the funds to stacking:

Стейкинг токена SOUR в web3nom (the key)

Stacking period and profitability:

6 months = 5% per month
9 months = 7% per month
12 months = 9% per month
24 months = 12% per month

I bought a trial package for $251 in SOUR and for glasses for 24 months 1930.76 SOUR.

Staking is the blocking of coins, for a certain time with favorable conditions. In the cryptocurrency world, this type of investment has existed for many years

I propose not to consider USDT at all. Probably there is no point in earning ~ 10% per month on particularly risky investments. I think the whole trick will be in the growth of the SOUR token.

Career in Web3nom The key

The affiliate program in such projects is the «engine» of promotion. In Web3nom, any skeptics will be satisfied. For a good income, of course, you will have to work hard. Your efforts will be well paid, several programs are implemented in The key at once: Linear bonus up to 15 levels Bonuses for rank achievements Bonus «global pool» Next, we will analyze each of them in order.

Line bonus and pools

According to the linear bonus, accruals are made from the amount of the partner’s contribution. The program is activated when buying business packages. For example, in order to receive rewards from 4 lines, you need to purchase a business package for $ 1000. Subsequent levels will work when certain ranks are reached. There are as many as 15 levels in total!

The first $2500 bonus becomes available when you reach the Silver rank. It is necessary to have your own contribution of $ 2000, with a turnover of $ 20,000 on the main branch + $20,000 on the side.

The «Global Pool» also becomes active when ranks are reached. The Bronze elite rank is required to receive the bonus.

Who needs a complete analysis of marketing, I can send a PDF file with detailed instructions.

Web3nom Operating Instructions

In fact, at first it may seem complicated, but it’s not. The Metamask wallet works much better and faster than exchanges. It also takes a few minutes to make a payment to the project.

To work, you need a Metamask wallet. On the official website, you need to download the wallet from the Google Chrome browser. Next, install the downloaded file, after which the wallet will automatically open in the browser. Next, create a wallet and write down a mnemonic phrase. This is very important, in the future, access will be lost without the phrase.

How to top up your Metamask wallet

In the right corner, select the Smart Chain network:

Пополнение баланса в web3nom при помощи metamask

Under the inscription Account 1, the address of the BNB token wallet is indicated. Copy the wallet by clicking on the address. Send the required amount of BNB from Binance.

Next, you need to exchange BNB for USDT, leaving a little BNB for the commission for transfers.

BNB to USDT Exchange. The commission for the exchange will be a few cents.

On the Web3nom homepage, click on the Metamask icon and connect the site to the wallet. Then scroll down the page and find Sour Package. Do not confuse it with the USDT Package! A window with shopping packages will open. Click on the option you need

SOUR token в проекте The Key

SOUR token in The Key project. Confirm the payment.

Then go to the steak section. Out of 4 options, I chose an extreme package at 12% per month for 24 months:

Стейкинг токена SOUR в web3nom (the key)

Confirm the transfer of funds. That’s it! Now you have an open deposit.

Review and personal opinion Web3nom The Key

Web3nom (The Key) is a high-quality crypto project of a new generation. In my memory, there has never been such a marketing with a staking function. But in cryptocurrency, staking has been used for a long time. You should not worry about the possible future blocking of the site in Russia. The development will be all over the world.

Right now we have a great opportunity to enter a promising international project at the very start. The SOUR token rate is only $0.13. I assume that in 1-2 months we will see a good growth of the token to $ 1.

The promotion of the project promises to be grandiose. Now a strong movement is beginning, for the entire work experience there has been such a scale several times. The first Boot Camp promotion has been announced, date and venue: October 23-29, 2022, Antalya, Turkey. The offer is valid from September 12 to October 15.

An expedition to Tanzania is planned for December 2022.

I got all the information from open sources. There are rumors about the future development of the Sour token — there may be a listing on cryptocurrency exchanges. Naturally, we do not forget about the risks! I think in any case, large-scale work is expected, and at the moment we have huge prospects for big earnings. It is worth noting that here we will not see elderly people and housewives — working with Metamask is not such an easy task for them. And in general, in fact, with the crypt. So there will be no tears and it pleases.

Remember the risks! Invest only a part of your available funds!


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